The Outlander season three premiere date has finally been confirmed

Sadly we’ll have to suffer through #droughtlander for a bit longer.

By Erin Van Der Meer
The Outlander season three premiere date has finally been confirmed

The good news: the premiere date for Outlander season three has been confirmed!

The bad news: it’s freakin’ ages away!

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The historical, time-traveling – how do you even explain the plot, really? – drama-packed show is set to return in September, it was announced today. The last two seasons have dropped in April, so what gives with the delay?

“While Droughtlander will last just a little longer, we feel it is important to allow the production the time and number of episodes needed to tell the story of the Voyager book in its entirety,” Starz network exec Carmi Zlotnik said in a statement.

“The scale of this book is immense, and we owe the fans the very best show. Returning in September will make that possible.”

The show is set to resume filming in South Africa next month, and is expected to be finished by June.

But we want it nowwwwww!

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Honestly, this Outlander update after the news that the next season of Game Of Thrones is also being majorly delayed is really testing our patience, y’all.

But there’s no use whining about it, right? So catch up on the seven major things we know about season three, relate to the 13 things only people obsessed with Outlander understand, drool over these 17 times Jamie Fraser was the most arousing person in the history of the world, and Outlander season three will be here before we know it.