Don't worry, Jamie and Claire will still be doin' the nasty in 'Outlander' season 3

JSYK: This article is NSFW.


Outlander, the show about a time-travelling nurse who accidentally falls in love with a hot Scottish dude in the 18th century, is known for many things: men in kilts, heart-stopping sword fights, political intrigue and the occasional sassy sister-in-law. But most of all, it's known for it's really, really good sex scenes.

Like this!

And this...

And a little bit more of this...

So, understandably, fans were a little nervous to find out that season three (SPOILER ALERT) takes place more than 20 years from where we left off. Which means Claire and Jamie are now 50 and 46, respectively — they were 27 and 22/23 when the series first began.

And while we're definitely not saying that people over the age of 40 can't have hot sex (LOL), it will be a departure for fans used to Claire and Jamie looking like this...

Luckily, Caitriona (Claire) was on-hand to put any of our fears to bed (heh).

“Do you think that older people can’t have sex? Is that your question?” Caitriona said at the 12th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards. “I think if anything, when Jamie and Claire get together again, their love is timeless and who they are inside is timeless."

And, of course: “In terms of the sex, I think old people have good sex too, last I heard!”

Phew! We weren't ready to let go off this just yet.