Parents were freaked out when they saw this in a baby ultrasound

It’s actually pretty scary.

Err, when these parents went to get 4D scans of their unborn baby’s ultrasound, something really freaky changed their minds.

Reddit user "_ItsAllRelative" posted the image titled, "Wife and I went to get a '4D' ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds."

You can see a bunch of 4D ultrasound images pinned to a cork board. All of the pics look like what you’d expect, and the scary bit isn’t the close up of the genitals saying “girl”.

It’s the middle pic which looks like the face of a devil child staring out and almost laughing evilly. Eeeek!

Obviously it hit a nerve – or a WTF point – because within one day the photo got a lot of attention with over 529,000 views and hundreds of comments. One Redditor commented, "Is there such a thing as a prenatal exorcism?"

Some were confused and thought this was the actual scan of the person who posted it, but they clarified: “This was a picture on the bulletin board in the waiting room. Apparently it's supposed to reaffirm my decision. Definitely not. The wife and I went with the traditional ultrasound. Good enough. No chance of demon pictures.”

So this pic scared the bejeesus out of them enough to go with the regular ol' scans so there would be no chance of copping a freaky, demonic angle of their unborn baby. Can you blame them?!