'Plus-size' woman strips to make a stand

20-year-old walks down Hollywood Boulevard in her bikini to protest LA’s skinny culture.

A 20-year-old has taken it upon herself to make a stand against LA’s obsession with ‘skinny,’ by marching down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini.

Amani Terrell, who weighs 118 kgs, was filmed by Fox News as she stripped down to her swimwear and walked the famous stretch of street with as much confidence as a fashion runway model.

“You cannot seek validation from other people, this world is cruel, you must seek validation from yourself,” she tells the reporter, making a whole load of sense.

The bootylicious Amani explained on her Facebook page that she was moved to take action because LA projects unrealistic ideas of perfection onto people, which makes it hard for women like her to have any self-esteem.

“There are [sic]alot of women, that i've met who have low self esteem. There are kids who are bullied because of their weight. So many people preach "self love", however they never wear bathing suits,” the post reads.

Amani also clarifies that she knows she needs to lose weight for her health, but that doesn’t stop her from loving herself as she is right now.

“I'm not promoting obesity. However i do feel that you should have high self esteem no matter what transition you are going through. You have to love yourself from a size 25 until you get to your desired weight. You can't seek validation from others , it has to come from within. I filmed a news segment with Gina Silva for fox News two weeks ago. It will air soon ‪#‎fatinlosangeles I'm going to be the change that i want to see .”

Amani’s stroll-come-protest unsurprisingly received a mixed reception. She received praise from ogling men - “that’s sexy right there!” And insults from idiot men - one shouted that he had just lost his appetite.

“That was very unkind, but that’s cool, because I love myself,” she fired back at one such hater.

“There’s a misconception that big women have low self-esteem,” she asserted.

“I don’t have low self-esteem.”

Clearly. GO AMANI!