PSA: New evidence suggests Caleb and Mona will die before the end of ‘Pretty Little Liars’


By Natasha Harding
pretty little liars

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ squad have escaped death so many times now that the Rosewood crew seems invincible, but a new promo for the final eps indicates two members will die before the end and wait, WOT?!

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Let’s rewind a bit.

We already know that straight after the season finale airs on June 27 there will be a special hour-long post mortem ep where the liars ‘tell all’ about the ending, TV Line reports.

Since then, a still from Freeform’s promo clip for the special ep shows four silhouettes walking through a graveyard with the words ‘Dead Liars Tell All’ scrawled across the screen:

Naturally, we’re going into total MELTDOWN over here trying to figure out what it all means and, most of all, WHO THE FARK IS GONNA DIE??!

So far peeps think the outline on the left looks a helluva lot like Caleb (note the collared shirt) and, next to him, Mona (in that bloody red cape).

Does that mean Hanna’s besties find out something they weren’t supposed to know? After all, they’re both capable tech geeks. Or, do they go and sacrifice themselves for Han?


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The jury’s still out on who the right figures might be (that short haircut is really throwing us off RN).

One thing’s for sure: shit’s gonna be CRAY.