Watch: The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Endgame trailer is finally here and it’s INTENSE

One of your biggest questions has already been answered

By Natasha Harding
pretty little liars endgame trailer

ATTENTION: Pretty Little Liars fans – Christmas has just come early.

In an unexpectedly GLORIOUS turn of events the world has gone and delivered us a trailer for the final 10 episodes of PLL and we can’t even deal with all the excitement RN.

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Set to hit screens next April, series 7B promises to answer all our longing Rosewood questions (big call, we know) but we’re totally here for closure.

In fact, rather than making us wait four loooong months to find out what happens, the trailer already answers one of our biggest questions.

Warning: You might wanna tap out know if you’re not 100 percent up to do date on PLL as this may contain a spoiler or two.

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Rewind back to the final ep of season 7A and remember how Spencer was practically on death’s door after she was shot in that creepy old mansion? Yup, us too. Well in the trailer Spence appears to be back on her feet but she’s not happy Jan, yelling ‘you have ruined everything I ever had’ to who we’re guessing is Uber-A, because who else?

Meanwhile Emily’s in shock about all the ~dramah~, saying ‘How is this even happening?’ while Hana continues to prove she can’t spell (tryin’ to put ‘AD’ in ‘anonymous’) .

As for Aria? Well, it looks like her an Ezra might be on rocky ground but we’re just praying to our lucky stars that their wedding goes ahead.

In short, you really just need to watch the clip.