Try not to freak out, but a "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off could be happening

There's quite a bit of evidence.

Just because Pretty Little Liars is ending, doesn't mean we're saying goodbye forever... just yet.

With only 10 episodes to go, the idea of never experiencing any drAmA again with the PLL squad hurts our souls. The cast have new, exciting projects lined up, while showrunner I. Marlene King has been busy developing her new series, Famous In Love.

But there's also a solid chance that King has been working on a sneaky side project... one that may just exist in the PLL universe. Sara Shepard, the author of the addictive series, also has a book called The Perfectionists. It's about five high school students who discover that they all hate the school's renowned dickhead, Nolan, who has done evil things to all of the girls.

Reddit user tiagob94 has done some investigating and pointed out that there are two characters, called Claire and Ava, who will have roles in the PLL series finale.

Credit: Reddit/ tiagob94
Credit: Reddit/ tiagob94

Now call it coincidence, but these two girls happen to be characters from The Perfectionists.

So what does this have to do with Rosewood and Co?

Some more Reddit users reckon the series finale of PLL will involve Emily and Alison getting together, and conclude with them moving to Beacon Heights, Washington (where the new show is set,) and become teachers to the characters in the new series.

King has already told her fans that she will be behind the book's screen adaptation, and has fuelled the spin-off rumour even more with this particular comment, "But I am adding a twist on a twist."

Interesting. Very, interesting.