WHAT: This 'Pretty Little Liars' theory that Caleb is AD sounds worryingly legit

We are shooketh.

We’re legit this close to the final-ever episode of Pretty Little Liars, and basically the only thing keeping us going is the hope that we’ll finally find out who the eff A.D. is.

And while trying to figure out the suspects (is it Mona? Or even Spencer’s long lost twin?) has been legit doing our head in, one clever cookie thinks they’ve actually cracked the culprit.

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Posting to the Pretty Little Liar’s fan wiki, the theory suggests that A.D is in fact Caleb, since A.D’s antics seem to primary target Hanna (and we know that the former flames called it quits during the five-year time jump).

While it’s pretty damn spot on, some critics have suggested that Caleb is too young to be Charles, but then again, it’s PLL, which pretty much means anything can happen in their world.

We guess you’ll just have to tune in Wednesday night for the finale (sob) to find out if this particular theory is legit or not.

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