There’s a prosecco festival on its way to Melbourne, and honestly we’ve been training our whole lives for this

Glasses at the ready.

It’s gonna be a hot summer this year, and though sunscreen and big floppy hats are essential to get through the heat waves, there is something that makes our summer survival much more fun: Prosecco.

The utterly delicious, bubble-tastic drink is what keeps us going through the summer months — which is why, quite frankly, we end up necking a fair few bottles from December to March.

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So, obviously, we were absolutely chuffed to find out that a whole festival devoted to our fave bubbles is coming to Australia next year! Or more specifically, to Melbourne (the lucky bastards).

Yes, The Prosecco Festival is exactly what it says on the tin. A big celebration of the world’s most popular sparkling wine — and some seriously yummy Italian food to use as a palate cleanser between (wine) courses.

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And if that wasn’t enough for you greedy buggers, there’s also going to be… wait for it… an APEROL SPRITZ BAR! So you can knock back those little orange suckers whilst you plan your next prosecco move. Genius.

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Tickets are on sale now at $50 a pop, and they will get you in to one of the two sessions on Saturday February 25, 2018 (between either 11am-3pm or 4pm-8pm), at the Cargo Hall on South Bank, Melbourne.

Now watch how many calories are in your favourite standard drink: