There was a puppy Halloween parade in NYC and OH MY HEART!

You’re barking mad if you don’t love this.

halloween dog parade

There’s nothing we love more than doggos — whether it’s deliberately booking house hangs with our mate with a dog so we can pat to our heart’s content, or scrolling through floofer Instagrams, forever craving a pupper of our own. So when we heard that there was a dress-up doggo Halloween parade yesterday, we thought we had died and gone to puppy heaven.

Taking place in Tompkins Square Park, in New York City, thousands of adorable costumed-up dogs packed in to walk the parade — and there was quite an array of outfits.

Obviously, there was a fair few classic pupper get-ups like tacos, hot dogs and the odd lobster. But we were hella impressed with the pop-culture nods from a dog or two, like Pennywise from It and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Here, scroll through the best dressed puppers at the event. Warning, your cravings for a pet of your own will quadruple while you read this.