Qld farmers are growing 1.8 kilogram ‘avozillas’ — and they’re going to hit supermarkets soon

That’s a lot of guac.

By Erin Cook

For years, avocado lovers have been plagued with bad news. From soaring prices to never-ending shortages, times have been tough out here.

But don't worry guys, better days are coming.

One farmer hero in Central Queensland (AKA god's country) is currently growing a crop of giant avocados, also known as Avozillas. These avos are no joke; the average Avozilla weighs between 1kg and 1.8kg.

Farmer David Grover, from Groves Grown Tropical Fruit, planted his crop four years ago. "We were amazed to see how big the fruit got. We were very pleased with the size." Mr Grove told "1.2kg is quite average for an Avozilla. We do have smaller ones and the biggest one was 1.8kg, but that one was a bit of an outlier."

If you live in Sydney, Adelaide or Perth, these Avozillas are heading your way. "They're a very small market. We're only selling a few boxes a week and we've sold through wholesale markets, limiting it to Sydney, Adelaide and Perth," Grover told

Avozillas are in high demand — they sold out to wholesalers almost immediately.

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Oi, mates, whoever gets their hands on one of these Avozillas first volunteers to host a guac party. You make the guacamole; we'll bring the corn chips. Fair?