The Queer Eye Fab Five Are In Australia And We Finally Know Why

A resident in the country town of Yass, New South Wales is set to receive the ultimate makeover.

By Zoe Anastasiou

A few days ago the cast of Queer Eye was seen out and about in Canberra, prompting many to scream "Yass Honey" while simultaneously wondering what the Fab Five were doing down under.

As it turns out Jonathan, Tan, Karamo, Antoni and Bobby are here to perform the ultimate Aussie makeover, (because let's be real, Australian men have a lot to learn, too!)

The Fab Five has (very appropriately) ventured to the rural New South Wales town of YASS in order to make-over a cattle farmer named George. The boys also teamed up to help give the local pub a mini renovation and update its menu with a new signature dish.

Given the positive contribution the men made to Yass, the town's mayor decided to bestow a special honour on the Fab Five by presenting them with tiaras. While we've always known they were Yass Queens, now their titles are officially official.

The full episode of the Fab Five's trip to Yass is set to air on Netflix on June 22, one week after the official premiere of season two on June 15.

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