The most iconic Queer Eye spin-off ideas, brought to you by Twitter

'Queer Eye' but it's five lesbians with swords killing your abuser.

By Louis Hanson

A world filled with Queer Eye spin-offs is a world we want to live in.

Overnight, the Twittersphere pretty much imploded with a new, welcomed trend known as 'Queer Eye, but'. It was basically a whole bunch of suggestions made by users about the different types of Queer Eye-esque shows they'd like to see on their screens.

And girl, oh girl, did the tweets turn into some truly iconic pieces of social commentary. Can you believe?!

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Anyway, enough of Jonathan — for now.

We scoured through Twitter for the best responses and, let us tell you, it was no easy task. (On a side note, we're always in complete admiration of Twitter users' wild imaginations — go you, good things.)

Anyway, here are some of the best responses we found. Sit down, grab the popcorn, stare at a blank wall and prepare yourselves for a wild ride — seriously, you'll be taken on a journey of imaginary-televised wonder. Truly, prepare for some YASS moments.

1. Meme lords: you've been summoned

2. A truly eye-opening and important topic

3. Your'e going to love this one

4. Our girls saving the day, yet again

5. I feel personally attacked

6. Controlling an epidemic

7. Fiercedom ladies

8. One for the bookworms

9. Facts are facts, World

10. Spice up your life, sis

We couldn't help but put that last one in.

We just love that we live in a time when can partake in a Queer Eye Twitter conversation involving the Spice Girls and Gordon Ramsay. After all, it's 2018, ladies, and in 2018 there's plenty of room for everyone on the television — especially you, gay grammarians.

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What a glorious day it is to be on the internet, TBH.

What were your favourite suggestions? And, more importantly, who can we contact to suggest a Queer Eye and Spice Girls crossover?

Netflix is quaking.