A 'Nashville' and 'The O.C.' crossover is about to go down and it'll BLOW YOUR MIND

Guess who’s joining the cast.

Rachel Bilson joining Nashville

Ever since we learned the news that Rayna James had been killed off Nashville, we have never been the same.

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Tbh there’s been a lot of this.

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Nope, we have not been able to get through a song without breaking down.

We tried to recover, but then Connie Britton posted this on Instagram and we were wrecked again.

THANKFULLY there is good news, because the show has recruited not one, but two new beauties to the country music drama, and one of them is from The O.C.

Yep – Rachel Bilson is joining Nashville as a series regular, y’all!

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Not much is known about her character, but she did tease a picture of the Highway 65 record label on Instagram, along with the caption, “Music city, here I come.”

And for now that’s good enough for us!

The other actress joining Rachel is Kaitlin Doubleday, best known for her role as Rhonda Lyon on Empire. For her social media tease, she posted a photo of The Bluebird Café, writing, “This will definitely be a change of pace!”

The news was announced at the same time as the show’s U.S. midseason finale. “We welcome Rachel and Kaitlin into our incredibly talented ensemble,” showrunner Marshall Herskovitz told Entertainment Weekly. “We fondly anticipate the second half of the season filled with surprising twists and turns that make Nashville so beloved by the fans.”

After breaking our hearts with Rayna’s death we are also “fondly anticipating” the return of the show. We just hope it’s not as devastating.