Insta queen Rachel Tee Tyler shares her selfie tips and style advice

Excuse us while we take notes.

By BTYB Olympus

Rachel Tee Tyler is no stranger to a selfie.

Over the years, the Aussie blogger/model's Instagram has notched up more than 350K followers; largely thanks to her standout style, picture-perfect portraits and fierce beauty looks.

Here, Rachel schools us in the three Cs behind your best selfie (concept, camera, and composition) and dishes on her fast fashion regrets and current disco style obsession. Plus, she has some amazing advice for wannabe influencers or anyone daring to dream big. Humble, hilarious and full of heart, no wonder she's shortlisted for our Women of the Year awards!

How would you describe your style?

"I feel like my style is different every day. At the moment, I'm really gravitating toward '70s silhouettes, but knowing me I'll outgrow that in a second and be onto something else real quick. I choose outfits based on my vibe, and I love to experiment."

How has your look evolved over the years?

"It feels more effortless now. It used to be a whole ordeal, trying to curate an outfit, but now I have more of a sense of who I am outside of fashion and that's definitely influenced my style. For me, fashion is more about self expression now instead of something that defines me. I also think my style is way less brand-focused now."

Any fashion regrets?

Probably just the amount of money I have spent on fast fashion over the years. I definitely prefer vintage nowadays and investing in key pieces that will stand the test of time."

Tell us how you came to be a blogger?

"It happened quite organically. I started sharing my outfits on my Instagram back in 2012. Very quickly people started to follow me and express how much they were enjoying the content, so I just kept it up. Who knew it would evolve and grant me a career in fashion!? Early on, I naturally gained an interest in getting behind the camera myself and exploring that side of it all. Now, half my job is content creation and I absolutely love taking photos for myself and others."

If you could only wear one outfit forever, it would be...

"Probably just a simple graphic tee and a good pair of vintage jeans. That can be dressed up with a belt, funky heels and some nice jewellery; but then it can also be the most effortless comfortable outfit with some sneakers."

Who do you consider your style icon?

"I take inspiration from anyone. Literally, I'll see a construction worker on streets of Tokyo and be like okay, I need some ultra-baggy but functional pants in my life now."

What do you think makes a perfect selfie?

"Concept. Lighting. Composition. And, of course, a good quality camera."

What advice do you have for wannabe influencers?

"Just be authentic and don't worry too much about the numbers. You'll attract the people and the companies that love you for being you. Numbers don't necessarily translate into a sustainable career if the content isn't original and authentic. Also, be willing to work hard... There's a lot more to the industry than just taking pretty pictures for the Internet!"

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