30 reasons Sydney is the best city in the world

Sydney-siders, prepare to feel #blessed.

1) There are more than 100 effing awesome beaches

2) You’re never more than five minutes away from a smoothie

3) Or a sexy beard

4) This is only a short drive away

… As is this

6) You can have breakfast aaalllll day, in the prettiest places. Like this:

Or this...

Or this...

9) It’s big on LGBT rights

(Let's just forget to mention this...)

10) We have ocean sunrises 338 days a year

11) And err'where you go is Insta-worthy

12) Everyone is really, really, ridiculously good looking

13) For all the shoppers out there (so, urm, everyone) there’s a cool market in practically every subburb

14) You can do some of the most beautiful walks in the world

15) NYE is NEVER going to be a let-down

16) Our coffee is literally the best thing ever. See Single Origin Roasters, Coffee Alchemy, and so on and so forth…

17) And we have CAFES FOR DOGS

18) It has a full-on surf beach in close proximity to the city

19) It’s legal to play two-up on ANZAC Day

20) The unis: You can go to HOGWARTS (or Sydney uni, but same diff)

Or beach uni! (Wollongong)

21) There are HUNDREDS of hair salons to choose from to get your balayage, babes

22) Princess Mary met Frederik at Sydney pub Slip Inn, visa vis, you will probably meet your Prince Charming here

23) The beaches have areas especially built for BBQ parties

24) And while we’re talking cooked meat, the burgers from Mary’s in Newtown will rock your world

25) And while we’re talking about food, FOOD. All. Of. It.

Like Quay restaurant, which was voted best in Aus and in the top 50 in the world. You can eat fancy things like this:

While looking at this:

26) You can SLEEP AT THE ZOO

27) Graffiti is all over the place - in a good way

28) When it rains, it does it in style (none of this spitting sh**)

29) You might spot Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe in the gym (what, it could happen?)

30) And then just THIS