21 reasons we're proud to call Australia home

Aussies rule.

21 reasons we’re proud to call Australia home

Our emergency services are the best. No creature is left behind.

But they're not the only ones. If somebody’s stuck – everybody rushes to help.

Our awesome sense of humour is appreciated globally. Ja’ime was one of America’s favourite Halloween costumes this year.

Everybody gets excited about Australia Day. Like, REALLY excited.

We stick together through the dark times. On one of the darkest days Australia has seen in recent history, we managed to find enough love in our hearts to band together and support people of all races and religions by making them feel safe. #illridewithyou, because sometimes humanity CAN be awesome.

Also, THIS. Way to rule, Sydney.

Act like a douche, and we'll [damn well tell you about it](|target="_blank").

Mateship is one of our most important national characteristics. Like this brave digger carrying his wounded mate at Gallipoli.

It also helps us cope with the occasional natural disaster. Bushfires, floods, drought - we've seen it all. And we always get through it as a team.

We LOVE an underdog. And realise that half of winning is just showing up.

We have an amazing sense of community. Like when Phillip Hughes tragically passed away and everyone used the simple gesture of leaving a cricket bat out to pay tribute. #PutOutYourBats

Our celebrities have substance. Props to you, Cate Blanchett.

We have the best beaches in the world. Aussies are very hard to impress with the likes of Hawaii, California or the Cote de Azure – because, have you seen our coastlines?

And, on that note, you’ll find people swimming at Bondi 365 days a year.

Photo credit: Bondi Hipsters/Aquabumps

Whenever this box is brought around for fundraising, nobody says no. Because, FREDDO!

We’re all about conservation. Even if our government is not.

We stand up to bigotry. Like when 24-year-old Melbournite Patrick Burgess and his friends stood up for two Muslim women who were were the targets of racist abuse on the street. Police claim the man threatened to kill Burgess and his mates, but they continued to console the 26-year-old woman and her mother. "It's the indifference of good people that is bringing us down," he said afterwards, nailing it.

When the whole world doubts us, we still believe. On ya, Timmy!

We're home of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. And people from around the globe fly here to celebrate LGBT rights.

We have a relaxed approach to everything. Especially footwear.

We have the best fireworks in the whole world. As IF you’re not proud when the global NYE celebrations are being recapped and the Harbour Bridge is blatantly the best. Again.