People are really, really mad about Rebel Wilson's costume in this 'Pitch Perfect 3' photo

One of these things is not like the others.

Pitch Perfect 3.

As we get closer and closer to the the newest installment in the Pitch Perfect franchise, Pitch Perfect 3, we're getting more and more excited with each selfie, BTS snap and Insta-story we see from the cast.

Which is no exception for these ones. The cast posted these cute shots of the Bellas filming some sort of nautical or sailor-themed number, dressed in cute sailor get-ups. We're into it.

But in the photos is a detail we're not too sure about — and others aren't either.

All the girls seem to be wearing navy blue pants with a white belt, black boots, a little white sailor's hat, red lipstick and a red-and-white striped halter-neck top, with a bow. Well, all the girls except Rebel Wilson and Ester Dean.

Fans pointed out that Rebel and Ester, the two plus-sized Bellas, are both sporting scoop-neck, cap-sleeved versions of the more-revealing halter top. People have been speculating that maybe Rebel and Ester were given more 'covered' costumes — which, if true, is obviously bullshit.

Refinery29 reported that one commenter wrote on Rebel's Instagram, "Your top should be the same. We all know you are the most delicious chick there."

But, as always, we don't know the full story — perhaps it's part of the plot or maybe the actresses requested it themselves. Either way, it's another reason we'll be tuning in to watch the movie when it premieres in December.