This cat and his crew of Chihuahuas will warm your very soul

Actual #squadgoals.

By Natasha Harding

Ever felt like there’s something missing in your life? Well, get ready to feel complete ‘cause we’ve just discovered the most adorable Instagram account and you need to follow it RN.

@Yutafamily documents the lives of seven little Bangkok-bases Chihuahuas and their beloved feline leader, Richie and the photos are guaranteed to make your heart explode with pure joy.

According to Mashable, the crew of pooches love Richie TO BITS and follow him around like his little minions. What's better? They all look absolutely stoked to just be together <33

Their owner explains that, while they're all from different litters, they've become family and do everything together.

Here they are just enjoying a casual backyard sesh...

Having a cheeky snooze together.

This is Richie's fave bed-buddy FYI.

Chillin', killin'.

They even bath together and we can't even deal.

Aaaaand we're out.

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