This woman earns $20,000 for looking like Rihanna on Instagram

BadGalRiRi x 2.

Andele Lara is a student from Boston who earned thousands of dollars last year ($20,000, to be exact) because she looks like Rihanna. In case you’re confused, that’s her on the left and the real @badgalriri on the right.

According to Andele, she’s constantly being mistaken for Rihanna and says the only thing they don’t share is a booming singing career.

Sure, the real RiRi’s singing career probably makes her a lot more than $20k a year, but earning that kind of money just for being born isn’t something to turn your nose up at.

According to Buzzfeed, Andele’s Instagram - which boasts over 30,000 followers - was made private following a row with Rihanna’s navy (her fans) over her look-alike status, but is back up and running now. In saying that, a skim through the comments shows there’s still a bunch of angry fans who aren’t coping very well with the fact that there’s someone else out there who happens to look like their idol. SUCH TRICKERY!

But Andele isn’t bothered. In fact, she said she’d happily give up everything to be a full-time Rihanna imposter. And she’s already on her way. Clothing companies have been dropping loads of cash to have her promote their brands, fooling customers into thinking Rihanna is pimping their wears.

So don't give up hope, kids. Maybe Hollywood's 'next big thing' will look exactly like you.