Literally just a gallery of photos of Rio from 'Good Girls' on screen and in real life

We found his Instagram. Lord help us.

By Susannah Guthrie
rio good girls

Ever since comedy-drama series Good Girls hit Netflix, a certain sub-section of the online community cannot stop thinking about villain/snack Rio, played by American actor Manny Montana.

He just makes bad look so good.

A money-laundering gang member, Rio isn't exactly the guy you want to bring home to your parents.

But don't take it from us ...let Manny tell you a bit about his on-screen alter ego:

Manny, 34, has had a series of television roles, but it's safe to say he's really come into his own as Rio.

Pls refer to this glowing endorsement from a random Twitter user as proof:

We made the mistake of finding Manny's Instagram account which is bursting with ~good content~ to quench your thirst, so we've collated the best shots below.

Just doing God's work over here.