Who is the Black Hood on 'Riverdale'? The internet thinks it FINALLY has the answer

Omg. This actually makes SO much sense.

By Natasha Harding
riverdale black hood

Few questions plague a Riverdale fan's mind like "who is the Black Hood?".

After much speculation and conjecture, one fanpage thinks they might have FINALLY solved the mystery. And no, it's not Mr. Svenson (the janitor), like the creators tried to make us believe.

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The fanpage in question posted a meme to Facebook claiming that Hal Cooper, Riverdale's resident shitty dad, has a twin and that they're working together as the Black Hood.

Now, we know what you're thinking - "wtf? that's soooooo not what happens", but when you read the break down of just how possible this is, and how much it explains, you might feel differently...

"Hal is a Blossom and twins seem to run in the Blossom family (Clifford & Claudius, Cheryl & Jason, Juniper and Dagwood)," the post reads. "What if Hal has a twin and they are working together as the Black Hood?"

Okay, we're listening.

"The reason Hal is still paying for the share BNB is because his twin is living there and they constantly switch positions. It would also explain why Hal didn't know Alice was allergic to peonies and how Hal was in the audience while the Black Hood attacked the mayoral debates."

Omg. This actually makes SO much sense.

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Whaddaya think? Reckon this theory has legs, or nah?