Here are 66 GLORIOUS seconds of Cole Sprouse ~seductively~ eating a burger for ‘Riverdale’

You’re welcome.

By Natasha Harding

If, like us, you’re completely and utterly OBSESSED with the guys from Riverdale then you’re gonna wanna see this. Whether you’re a hopeless KJ Apa bae, or more of a Cole Sprouse kinda gal, one thing’s for sure: we can ALL appreciate a pervy video of the actors IRL.

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Welp, good news! Netflix have heard, and answered, our prayers in the form of a short video, shared on Twitter earlier this week.

The subject? Cole Sprouse. And one lucky burger.

Like, not to talk it up or anything, but this might just be the best thing we’ve ever seen.

What we would give to be that burger RN…

As expected, Twitter’s has zero chill about the whole thing:

Now, if you’re wondering where this incred, albeit random, idea came from, it turns out there’s a totally logical explanation.

Diehard Archie comic fans recall Jughead was meant to be OBSESSED with burgers but Cole wasn’t really shown eating them in the CW show.

So Netflix recognised the error of their ways and gave the people what they want, hence, this video.

Netflix accompanied the vid with an ambiguous teaser: ‘This precious, burger-loving angel will be coming to Netflix in 3 days.’

Given the season one finale of Netflix aired last week, fans are freaking out about HOW Jughead will be returning to Netflix.

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TBC y’all!