The Internet is CONVINCED this actress should play Jughead’s mum on ‘Riverdale’

TBH, same.

By Natasha Harding

In case you missed it, someone's been having an absolute FIELD DAY casting the Rents of Riverdale.

Archie's dad, Fred Andrews, is played by Luke Perry – a member of the OG Beverly Hills 90210 crew, while his mum, Mary, is actually Molly Ringwald from The Breakfast Club.

To make things even better, Alice Cooper's actress, Mädchen Amick, started out in Twin Peaks, Hiram Lodge (Ronnie's crimmo dad) has been cast as total DILF Mark Consuelos and Jughead's dad, FP Jones, is retro slasher Scream star Skeet Ulrich.

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Now, with [season two] around the corner, Riverdaleiens are gagging to meet another Riverdale Rent: Jughead's mother.

But rather than waiting patiently to see who the casting directors wanna pick, the good people of Reddit decided it would be a genius idea to give the show makers a helping hand by putting forward their own throwback '90s suggestion: Neve Campbell.

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Good question! Welp, Neve played Skeet's girlfriend, Sidney, in Scream and, apart from wanting one EPIC on-screen reunion, fans also believe there are a tonne of similarities between Jug and Billy Loomis.

Bad boy attitude? Yup. Misfit? Ci. Rebel who gets in trouble with the law? Yep, and double yep.

The best part is fans then went and drew a TONNE of parallels between Bughead (Betty and Jughead) and Billy + Sidney. The result will blow your damn MIND.

Consider us 300% DOWN with this amaze casting suggestion.

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