7 ‘Riverdale’ season 3 fan theories you need to know

We hear you’re into spoilers.

By Erin Cook

This post contains numerous spoilers for Riverdale season three. You have been warned.

You guys, Riverdale season three is coming. And, fortunately for us, it'll be here a lot sooner than we originally thought. US network The CW recently announced the official release date: October 9.

According to our calculations, that's 85 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes away — but who's counting?

This season, we predict that everyone will be hell-bent on revealing the Black Hood, for the second (or is it third?) time 'round.

As always, Reddit is running rampant with plot predictions and fan theories. When it comes to Riverdale, nothing can be taken at face value: small characters have significant impact later on, huge revelations are only half true, everyone is related via some kind of tenuous link, etc.

Here, we explain a few of the more feasible theories for Riverdale season three:

1. Penny Peabody is Betty Cooper's real mum.

Could Penny Peabody — 'The Snake Charmer' — be Alice Cooper's half-sister, Betty's biological mother and the Black Hood? It sounds crazy but this Reddit thread makes an excellent case.

The theory goes like this: Penny fell pregnant with Betty as a teenager living on the Southside. Elder sister Alice adopted Betty and raised her on the Northside — effectively giving her a 'better life'. But now, Penny regrets giving up her baby and wants the truth to come out. So Penny has taken on the identity of the Black Hood to show the Northside for what it really is: a place for sinners.

Read more about the theory here.

2. Polly is the Black Hood.

Could Polly be the mastermind behind the Black Hood? Another Redditor posted this theory and TBH, they made a few good points.

Think about it: the Black Hood is always harping on (and on) to Betty about how they're not that different — how they share the same darkness. Perhaps they're sisters.

The theory suggests that Polly has been pulling strings from afar via her dad, Hal. She has the motive; Polly was sent to Sisters of Quiet Mercy for getting pregnant and Jason died not long after. Now, she's seeking revenge for what the town did to her. "It's interesting where people's mind's go," Tiera Skovye, the actress who plays Polly told "Like, I've hardly been on this season and of course, they're like, 'She's it! She's the mastermind!'"

3. Chic is still alive.

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Chic Cooper — played by actor Hart Denton — hasn't been seen since Betty led him to the Black Hood in season two. Or at least, that's what happened to the man pretending to be Chic. In Betty's defense, she was pretty mad when Chic was revealed to be an imposter and that's why she handed him over to the Black Hood.

To add more fuel to the fire Hart then went and posted a shirtless pic on Instagram of him pushing a ginormous tyre (very hot), with the caption: "you're out of your mind if you think the black hood would end me." So it's basically a done deal. He's coming back.

We certainly hope Chic (or should we call him Charles?) doesn't play a big role is season three because, well, he's creepy as fck. However, we're 99 per cent sure he'll be returning. Actress Mädchen Amick — who plays Alice Cooper — said so. Speaking at a mental health awareness event, Amick revealed: "I'm sure you're all aware of [Hart's] creepy portrayal of the Cooper son and I can't wait to see what he's gonna be up to in season three. Spoiler alert!"

4. Hal has a twin.

Are there two Black Hoods in Riverdale — Hal and his twin? This theory is pretty convincing. Hal was revealed as the Black Hood but then we realised there was another one out there. Twins run strong in the Blossom and Cooper households: Cheryl and Jason Blossom, Clifford and Claudius Blossom and Polly's twin babies.

Check out this Reddit thread for more evidence.

5. Betty's real brother Charles isn't dead — he's been in front of our eyes this whole time.

Is your brain sore yet? We have a few more theories for you.

Remember when Chic came clean with his real identity, admitting he isn't Betty's brother Charles? He said that Charles died from a jingle jangle overdose — but we're calling bullsh*t on that. Why should we suddenly trust Chic now?

One fan posted the below tweet, claiming the real Charles has been right under our nose; it's Ben.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gave this theory legs during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I can tell you he is going to continue popping up," he said. "There is a resonance as to why he keeps popping up, but stay tuned. There will be more sightings."

6. Two new characters are coming and they're here to fck with Riverdale

Recently, we heard word that who new characters have been confirmed for Riverdale season three: Evelyn Evernever and Edgar Evernever.

If plot rumours are true, Evelyn is revealed to be Archie's kidnapper when he mysteriously goes missing. In the comics, Evelyn and Archie share a kiss — so will this mean the end of Veronica and Archie's relationship?

Apparently, Edgar is new-age health guru, who enlists Alice Cooper as his first patient.

For more information on Evelyn Evernever and Edgar Evernever, see here.

7. FP Jones will be back and hotter than ever

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Wait, no, that's not a theory — that's just a fact. ILY FP Jones.