The ‘Riverdale’ season 3 trailer just dropped and dayyyum, it’s intense

Polly's twins will have you like 😱😱

By Natasha Harding
riverdale season 3 trailer

Heads up: This post contains Riverdale season three spoilers so, if you're not up to date, some of this might come as a bit of a shock.

With Riverdale season three just a few months away, CW has finally given us our first sneak peak at the next chapter in the Town with Pep, and boy oh boy does it look good!

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The new season — set to drop in Australia on Wednesday October 10, 2018 — picks up where season two left off.

To refresh your memory, season two ended with Archie Andrews getting arrested, Jughead asking Betty to be his Southside Serpent Queen and Chic Cooper given up to the Black Hood (who turns out to be Hal Cooper).

In short, it was a cliffhanger finale and we still have soooo many questions that need answering.

The trailer opens by recapping the last season, before showing the gang living their best life the following summer, swimming in lagoons and driving vintage cars around town.

But the way Archikins says, "I just want us to have a great, normal Labour Day weekend" tells you there's dramah a brewin'.

The clip closes with Betty creepin' down her stairs in the middle of the night to see Polly and Alice lifting the twins up Lion King-style in, what looks like a bonfire pagan ritual in their back yard.

Watch it for yourself right here: