What does this photo of Betty and Jughead mean for Riverdale season two?

Spoilerz ahead!

We’re already jonesing for the second season of Riverdale ever since we were left with that nail-biter of a cliff hanger that answered the season-long question of 'who killed Jason Blossom?'

While scouring the net from any scraps that point to clues as to what might be in the works for season two, like a beacon of hope, the official Archie Comics Twitter account shared a previously-unseen photo of our fave ever sweet, darling couple, Betty and Jughead.

The swoon-worthy snap, which was captioned, ‘Jughead and Betty hard at work on Season 2 of #Riverdale,’ shows the pair working on a car (in the comics Betty is a skilled mechanic), and it gave fans ~life~ across the Twitterverse.

Only four more months, guys…

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