A whole roast dinner in a burger has been invented, and it comes complete with gravy

Get it in my BELLY.

By Vicky Chandler
burger meat

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a gravy-drenched roast dinner. And one restaurant is offering an entire roast dinner… in Roast, in London’s Borough Market, is the genius restaurant we're talking about, and the burger literally sounds like a work of art.

The burger itself is made using Welsh Black roast beef, stacked with carrot piccalilli, horseradish sour cream and topped with melted ale and mustard cheddar, curry kale and pickled red cabbage. So far, so delicious.

The filling is then sandwiched between two roast potato, rosemary and garlic buns and accompanied by a red wine onion gravy.

Errr, the roast potato buns sounds pretty delicious on their own, TBH.

And if that doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, there’s plenty more to try on the menu including avocado on toasted brioche, beef wellington and lobster eggs benedict.

Despite being the home of the roast dinner, Roast is also catering to vegetarians too with its brand new veggie burger – a beetroot and quinoa patty sandwiched between a grilled charcoal brioche bun.

Now, where’s our Bloody Mary?

Via: Cosmopolitan UK