Make bathtime fun time for baby, Dad and you. These mums share their splashing tips

Gemma, 34, mum to Ruby, 4 months
Our bathing ritual
“Ruby gets a bath each night, usually between 8 and 9pm, which is just before her final night feed and bedtime. But as the weather gets colder and her bedtime earlier, we’ve started bathing her in the late afternoon. When she was just born, my husband Steve and I would bath her together. Now we tend to swap each night, although Daddy does it the most, which is nice as it means he gets some one-on-one time with her after not seeing her all day. Whoever doesn’t do the bathing usually sets everything up and gets the water ready.”

Shantelle, 27, mum to Amelia, 2 months
Location, location
“It’s quite unconventional, but we put the baby bath on the coffee table in the lounge room, turn the heater on and away we go! We bring the change table and mat in too so she can enjoy a nice baby massage after her bath.”
Mummy’s tricks “I start with her arms, chest, bottom, legs and feet and only use the bath wash every second day so her skin doesn’t dry out. I leave washing Millie’s head until last to keep it from being wet and cold for too long. As we’re using cloth nappies, Millie could be susceptible to nappy rash, so we try to give her nappy-free time during the day, particularly after her bath. She hasn’t had any nappy rash and I put this down to her bottom getting fresh air and using a moisturising cream at every nappy change.”

Soisaeng, 34, mum to Joshua, 4 months
Handy helpers
“Joshua’s baby bath with the reclining seat is fantastic, as he can lie comfortably while I have both my hands free to bath him. We put a little calming bubble bath in the water before getting to work scrubbing all his body parts and concentrating on all the hard-to-reach areas. A wash cloth is great for his face and ears. Joshua’s skin is often dry and I find that a Burt’s Bees moisturiser really helps – and it smells so good.”

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