The secret behind Sam Frost’s “The Bachelorette” body transformation

We asked her Personal Trainer how she prepared for being the most famous singleton in Australia.

Sam Frost's body transformation

If you’re like us, you’re probably hooked on The Bachelorette already. We’re not sure if it’s because there’s a hodgepodge of hot AF men in our lounge room twice a week or if it’s just our general obsession with reality TV (or maybe it’s both?). But we do know is that we’ve loved Sam Frost since she first graced our screens last year.

And from one sister to another, she is looking fiercer, stronger and fitter than ever this year.

So we asked her Celebrity Personal Trainer and Australian Institute of Fitness graduate, Blake Worrall-Thompson, to tell us ALL of her body secrets.

Cosmo: What sort of fitness level was Sam at when you met her?

Blake: When I first met Sam, she had lost a lot of fitness. As a Personal Trainer, we know it’s not realistic to change clients overnight, so it was a case of gradually improving her fitness levels with consistent training. She had plenty of time to build her fitness up and get her pre The Bachelor body back, so it has been a case of training her to understand her body a bit better and how it responds.

C: It must be hectic sticking to an eating routine in The Bachelor house, how did Sam handle it?

B: There was a lot of processed carbs in her first show. She was eating a lot of breads, pastas and chocolate whenever she had a moment to eat!

C: Was she exercising during the filming of The Bachelor last year too?

B: She didn’t do a huge amount of exercise in the show. At that stage she wasn’t really into it and didn’t realise how quickly her body was changing and how she had put on the 8kgs on such a small body.

C: When did Sam start seeing changes in her body last year?

B: It took a while for Sam to see the changes. She started to feel them in her clothes before she noticed them and with the requirements of the show she found it hard to turn things around while she was still on the show.

C: So she couldn't work out much?

B: No. They were required for A LOT of filming and at very random hours which made it hard to get structure.

C: Did she manage to keep up her exercise regime while filming The Bachelorette?

B: This time round with The Bachelorette things have been a lot smoother for her. She’s had a little more of a say in what’s going on and although she has been really busy, she has had some time to herself to work out and stay on top of things, and for that she hasn’t put on the 8kgs she did in the last show.

C: What is Sam eating now?

B: Sam’s diet is a lot better now. A typical day would look a little more like:

- Breakfast: 2 eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and tomato

- Post-training: pea protein, greens powder, water, ice and frozen berries

- Lunch: Chicken salad with tomato, avocado, kale, cucumber, capsicum

- Dinner: Salmon and steamed greens (broccolini, zucchini, peas)

Want to know exactly what kind of workouts Blake had Sam doing?

Try Blake’s famous ‘500 Workout’.

It's a girls-only ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’ program involving five fitness sessions a week, with two being cardio, and three being body weight training. Blake favours strength-based training over hours slogging it on the treadmill to ensure women feel fitter and stronger in the six-week timeframe (wish totally wins us over!).

Here's what to do:

  • 10 medicine ball slams
  • 10 jumping lunges (each leg)

-10 window wipers

-10 squat jumps

  • 10 burpees and either a
  • 300m run or a 250m row

Repeat that 10 times as fast as possible