Sean from 'Married at First Sight' addresses reports he's a paid actor


By Jessica Chandra
Married at First Sight Susan Sean wedding


Hold up. Maybe love isn’t dead, and sweet, authentic people like Sean and Susan from Married at First Sight are real, because Sean has spoken out against the reports that said he was a paid actor.

Talking to Who Magazine, Sean said, “I’m not an actor and I never have been. I went on Married at First Sight for the right reasons, to find love. Some others [on the show] might not be as genuine but I think the audience can spot the difference.”

Well, we think we can, which is why so many people were shocked to read the news in the first place.

Sean said his Star Now profile has the word ‘performer’ in it because he appeared on Family Feud last year. (So he has done reality TV before…) And when asked what he wants to do now everyone knows him from the show, he said he would be “open to all options.”

Let’s just get through the final episodes of the show first.


If you watch Married at First Sight and have fallen in love with Sean Hollands, you may need to take a seat RN (if you’re not already sitting down).

Sean, the adorable single father who’s doing his best to woo the equally wonderful Susan, is apparently a PAID ACTOR.

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New Idea discovered that Sean has a profile on the talent website Star Now, where his bio reads, “I am a down to earth single father of 2 children. Great morals. Im into rodeos and horse events . I have a love of riding horses. I own 9 of them . I ride bulls and saddle bronc. A complete adrenlin junkie.”

It also lists all his physical deets – he’s 175cm tall, has short hair, hazel eyes, all that jazz – says he has zero acting experience, and adds he’s a “Master of none Jack of all, just want a change in life and get out there , im what your looking for in a different kind.”

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OK, before we start jumping to conclusions that Sean was planted on the show as an actor, consider this: Sean does not create any of the show’s drama. He and Susan – who are so darn perfect, so reasonable, and so cute – are like the unofficial parents of the show, and if anything, Sean tries to STOP the drama!

This is why we’re so shocked. If you told us that any of the others were actors, sure, we’d probably roll our eyes and say, “Knew it.”

But Sean? Sweet, perfect Sean? We are baffled.

An insider even told the magazine that Sean is using the show to raise his profile.


We won’t know for sure what happens with Sean and Susan until the show wraps. But if this is the case, then LOVE IS WELL AND TRULY DEAD, BYE.