The hottest 'Avengers: Infinity War' cast members, ranked

Are you a Thor or a Star-Lord kind of gal?

If you've been to see Avengers: Infinity War, you'll most likely still be as shooketh as Loki getting Hulk-smashed all over Stark Tower.

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We mean, ELEVEN films in the making type shooketh. (Author note: Infinity War is the 19th Marvel film but, as noted by Vulture, you really only need to watch 11 of these before it.)

In short, it's a lot to take in. The movie sees the majority of the Avengers and their pals uniting to stop ultimate baddie Thanos from bedazzling the shit out himself with infinity stones and destroying half the people in the universe.

Even though there will be no spoilers over here (have a look at some theorising this way) we have to ask: seriously, what the actual fuck is going to happen next?

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While you might've already forgotten some of the seemingly lesser details as your brain scrambles to make sense of it all, there's a simple detail any hot-blooded human can't have failed to spot. A safer detail that we, the viewing public, can take comfort in post-Infinity War.

And that's the fact the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is absolutely teeming with beautiful men.

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^ much hotness

That's right: it was a perv fest and a half. A visual feast, if you will. From Wakanda, to New York, to all throughout Space, MCU provided the goods.

In fact, the most mind-boggling question isn't what's going to happen in Part II – it's who you were fantasising about most? #amirite.

Which got us thinking how we'd rank some of the popular Avengers in terms of how thirsty they make us. So here they are - the hottest Avengers from bottom to top.

Don't @ me.