Second-born siblings are more likely to go to jail. For real.

Get ready for the ultimate ‘I told you so.’

If you’re the eldest sibling, then you know how damn annoying your little brother or sister can be. They seem to get let off the hook more, they have later curfews, they get called cuter way more and you reckon, when push comes to shove, they could get away with murder. Well, you’ll be glad to know that they probs won’t get away with murder, or any other crime for that matter — but they will probs end up in jail for something.

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No, for real!

A new report from MIT has revealed that the “curse of the second-born child” may be true after all, as second-born babies are waaaay more likely to be a little shit rebellious.

The research team collected a bunch of data on thousands of sets of siblings and the results showed that second-born children are 25 to 40 per cent more likely to get in serious trouble at school or with the law.

Yeah, that’s right. Jail time for the second child. JAIL TIME.

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So, why does this happen? Well the research tells us that it’s down to our parents and how they change their mum-and-dad-ing techniques from child to child. Things like the first born getting undivided attention 'til the next one arrives and so the second-born has to fight for parent time.

This lack of attention and rivalry with their siblings from day one may result in an unruly attitude and a cheeky lifestyle, meaning they’ll get in trouble at school and ~potentially~ break the law. Because, you know, not getting the first batch of seconds at the dinner table can do that to a person.

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Obviously, don’t see this as a life goal if you’re a second-born child, and that you must fulfil this destiny of being a hectic rulebreaker. If you want to be the sibling that has their shit together, you do you!