Selena Gomez made a '13 Reasons Why' lyrics video and it’ll break your heart

So many feels.

Watching 13 Reasons Why was a 13-hour long emotional roller coaster and even though it's probably been weeks since you finished binging the series, we bet you're still crushed by the ending.

Well, brace yourself for emotional rollercoaster round two, because Selena Gomez just dropped a lyric video for 'Only You', the song she recorded for the series.

Not only does the video feature tear-jerking words about needing just one person who feels so far away, sung in Selena's hauntingly beautiful voice, but each sad lyric is scrawled out over clips from the series.

"All I ever knew, only you," is spelled out over Clay and Hannah staring into each other's eyes at the school dance.

Cue hysterical sobbing

"Listen to the words that you say, it's getting harder to stay," Selena sings while a clip of Marcus and Zach making obscene hand gestures behind Hannah as she walks down the hallway plays.

Still crying

"All I needed was the love you gave, all I needed for another day," is written out over the imaginary moment Clay hugged Hannah and let her cry into his arms after he refused to leave her.


Basically, the music video will make you re-live the entire series in the span of three minutes. So brace your heart to be broken into a million pieces. Soz about that.