Selena Gomez is seeing therapist to help her cope with body-shaming

People would yell out, 'You're fat!' It was awful.

So this news makes us despair in every possible way… The beautiful Selena Gomez has opened up about her struggles with being body-shamed.

Selena’s become something of a spokesperson for body positivity in recent months, notably when she sent a message to the haterz on Instagram after she was trolled about her body (which btw is bangin’ and we would like to swap please and thanks).

But even though she put on a brave front, that sort of negativity is enough to bring the most secure people down.

Selena told US Weekly that she's now in therapy to learn how to deal with it.

"This was the first year I ever dealt with anyone talking about my body," she said. "I'd land at the airport and people would yell out, 'You're fat!' It was awful."

But Selena says she realises that there's a lot more to life than how much you weigh. She says: "I've been working in therapy. Even if I did gain weight, I'm fine.

"Each year, I'm becoming more who I am. I have a little more self-awareness. I feel confident and free. I'm not going to hide in my room and be depressed."

So two things: Selena is proving to be quite the body confidence role model and unfortunately, some people suck.