Here's What Happened When I Sent 13 Guys "Nudes" [NSFW]

Literally exactly what you think would happen.

By Carina Hsieh
sending nudes prank

The world now knows how guys on dating apps react to famous lines from Sex and the City, Friends, and to sexy lingerie, but how would they react to nudes? I put on my bravest journalism hat to find out.

1. The Guy Who Brushed It Off

I don't get his logic?

2. The Guy Who Was Intrigued

I would be too!

3. The Guy Who "Appreciated It"

You're welcome :)

4. The Guy Who Didn't Even Know What to Say

Oops, my finger slipped and accidentally sent this third Google image result for "nude female painting vertical" haha, how'd that happen?

5. The Guy Who Could Relate

So human! It happens!

6. The Guy Just Tryna Go Up on a Tuesday

Send nudes, duh!

7. The Guy Who Was Confident in His Sexuality

It's good to find someone else as confident as yourself.

8. The Guy Who Said I Had an Amazing Body

He was very polite about it!

9. The Guy Who Had a Bunch of Preferences About His Nudes

OK, sorry? I'm not a mind-reader?

10. This Other Guy Who Had a Bunch of Preferences About His Nudes

How am I supposed to just know these things?

11. This Guy Who Was Like, "Same"

I support you, Mystery Man, support you.

12. This Ivy League Man

I saw the angel in the marble and set him free, I saw the content in the dating app and set her free, whatever works!

13. The Guy Who Questioned My Motivations

He sent me a Chuck Norris GIF, btw.

Overall, the reactions were not what I expected (which was to be praised and put on a comedic pedestal for pulling off this pun). The guys seemed confused but at least they were mostly down to play along! My advice? Practice safe sext and only send nudes to guys if they are the marble kind.

Via: Cosmopolitan US