Forget SATC, we're all about 'Sex and the... Schnitty'!

Life lessons from, the one and only, Carrie Coleslaw.

sex and the schnitzel

Sex and the City was the source of most of our dating and sex education when we were growing up. We looked up to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte to guide us in the big decision-making moments of our early adulthood, with Bradshaw’s monologues narrating our own lives on a regular basis.

Since the show wrapped, and as there seems to be no sign of a third movie, we have found ourselves looking for that guiding light, that voice of reason to talk us through our fantasy life while we sip on cosmopolitans.


‘Sex and the Schnitty’ is a new Instagram account that has captured our hearts, pairing our two great loves — Sex and the City and the humble schnitzel.

The whole process involves taking on the artistic alias of ‘Carrie Coleslaw’, snapping a pic of a schnitty and pairing it with the perfect Carrie quote — twisted to reflect the big questions we all need to ask ourselves about schnitzels, such as, “At some point in her life every woman asks herself, am I a chips and salad, or a mash and veg kinda girl?”

We got in touch with the founder of the account, the elusive Amy from Sydney, to discuss @sex_and_the_schnitty in all its crumbed glory.

What was the inspiration behind starting this account? “Umm, the inspiration is there was a running joke with my friends that I always eat chicken schnitzels. We had a drunken conversation during tranny bingo where I joked about setting up an Instagram account, and my friend Alex joked I could call it ‘Sex and the Schnitty’, and I thought reviewing schnitzels in Carrie's voice was so ridiculous, I knew it would make my mates laugh.”

How many schnitzels do you get through every week? “Probably three schnits a week, which hasn’t really changed since I started the Insta.” (Good on ya, girl.)

Real question: Mash and veg or chips and salad? “Chips and salad is the classic, but a really good mash and veg elevates a schnit to a higher level.”

Do you consider yourself the ‘Carrie’ of your friends? “I’m a Miranda / Carrie combo. Miranda is like the gravy I pour over my Carrie schnitzel life.”

How did you feel when SJP liked your post? “SJP liking my post was the best day of my life. If I ever find and marry Mr. Big or have children, it will pale in comparison to the feeling I had when I saw that notification.”

Amy explained to us that ‘Sex and the Schnitty’ has now wound its way into her Tinder profile, with rather promising results:

“I added the Insta account and one picture of a chicken schnitzel to my Tinder profile for laughs. but then the Tinder algorithm made the chicken schnitzel my top photo. I was a bit upset first, was a chicken schnitzel really more attractive than the selfie I facetuned to within an inch of its life! But after that my tinder experience drastically improved, I have had so many superlikes and great conversations with dudes who share my passion for schnit!”

Are you ready for a lifetime committed to schnitzel? “To paraphrase Carrie, I am looking for chicken — ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other chicken.”