Shay Mitchell reveals one question ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will NEVER answer

Got a secret, can you keep it?

While we’re still in denial about the fact that Pretty Little Liars has only a few episodes left until it’s over forever (sob), we’re holding on to the good news that we should finally be getting answers to all those burning questions we’ve been asking since, like, forever.

Like who was Jessica DiLaurentis’s killer? And who the eff is “A.D.”?!

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While the creators have promised to tie up a bunch of these loose ends in the final season, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, has revealed that the one thing we will NEVER find the answer to is how did the PLL mums get out of the basement?!

(ICYMI: in the season six episode Last Dance, the mums were drinking wine while chaperoning the girls' prom from afar when they heard a noise in the DiLaurentis basement, only to follow the sound and promptly get locked inside.)

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 30-year-old revealed,

"I honestly think that this season, everybody's questions, no matter what they were – except for the mums and how they got out of the basement – that will never be answered, but everything else we will find out in this last eight episodes."

But with only eight episode left, the show looks like it will be going out with a bang, with Shay herself revealing she was “shocked” when she learned the identity of the villainous “A.D.”

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"Our writers are complete geniuses and I would expect nothing less. I mean, they completely blew it away...." she spilled.

OK – now we’re excited.

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But also a bit sad…

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And maybe a tiny bit anxious.

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We just have a lot of feelings rn.