Important: Shower Beer is now an actual glorious thing

Just what we needed on a Friday arvo.

By Sammy Stewart
Margot Robbie shower beer

We've got a very important announcement.

Following Margot Robbie's interview whereby she reveals that she indulges in an icy cold beer while in a steaming hot shower (or bath) after a hard day's work, we were like, #NEED.

But rather than bringing any ol brand into the shower with you, a Swedish company has developed their own breer to get you through the day.

Snask and PangPang's Shower Beer is a pale ale, hand-brewed in Souther Stockholm and comes in a bottle half the size of a regular beer can (to ensure you get a chance to drink it before it gets warm.)

It's even got a pink lid <3

So how much is this delightful creation and where can we get it?

Annoyingly, it's sold out at the mo and currently isn't being sold outside of Sweeden. "Right now it retails for $12 a bottle but we are not sure how it will be priced outside Sweden," Snask's Fredrik Öst told

"We have received incredible amounts of interest from all over the world so we are currently looking for distributors outside Scandinavia in order to be able to shower this whole planet with this brew."

Fingers crossed this becomes a thing Down Under.