19 signs you’re obsessed with The Bachelor

You 100% have a ‘Bachie’ Whatsapp group, don’t you?

  1. You’ve melted Richie down into a dating preference IE “I just want to find my Richie”.

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  1. Of COURSE you’re in a Bachelor sweepstake.

  1. You read all of the recaps online JUST IN CASE there was a teeny tiny detail you missed from the show. (There never is.)

  1. Sometimes you find your mind wandering to Richie mis-morning… then invariably to your true love… Osher.

  1. Speaking of Oshie, why can’t he be there to assist you on a frantic Sunday night Tinder swipe sesh? No fair.

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  1. Your obsession is giving you unrealistic expectations about real-life dates. Where’s my bloody helicopter, huh? And why aren’t you telling me you’re ‘falling for me’ after two dates?!?! (Marriage proposal is after like 8, FYI.)

  1. Your heart skips a beat when you see a red rose… Don’t get us started on those white bad boys. Walking past the florist is now an issue.

  1. You and your colleagues have 15 minutes set aside in the calendar on Thursday and Friday mornings. Gurl’s gotta debrief…

  1. You’ve found yourself looking off into the distance more often lately. There’s a lot to contemplate in life, kay?!

  1. Wednesdays and Thursdays have now been blacked out of your social calendar. Unless you can be home for 7:30pm, you don’t wanna know.

  1. When someone slags you off for being obsessed:

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  1. You legit sent this to your boss when she asked you to do something the other day.

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  1. You wonder whether you should pen a song to give to your next date?

  1. You have nicknames for the contestants. Coz they’re basically your real friends.

  1. You have a ‘Bachie’ Whatsapp group. Your phone is FIYAH during episodes.

  1. And on the weekend, your group goes Bachelorette spotting…

  1. You KNOW this is the best response to not getting your own way. Like, ever:

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  1. You can tell exactly what’s going to happen, just by the backing emotion music.

  1. You genuinely want Richie to find true lurve… But when it gets to the final two, you’re going to be so invested, you might just lose your damn mind if your girl doesn’t get picked.

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