BREAKING: Sloths can swim, just ask your pal David Attenborough

And if this video doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will.

By Lorna Gray

Well kick me in the shins and calls me Peter, sloths can swim!

Are we the only ones who didn’t know this?!

This massive ruddy revelation was revealed in David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II trailer (which looks all sorts of epic, FYI).

Yep, we’re in for a treat. David’s dulcet tones AND swimming sloths.

We didn’t think sloths did anything, tbh. Well, apart from being professionally cute AF. (And appearing in unintentionally funny anti-drug adverts...)

Maybe the lazy creatures have been getting bad press because this little fella is a slothy Michael Phelps if ever we saw one!

We are so keen for this show. Thanks, Sir David.