The latest Snapchat update will have you adding some ~colour~ to your life

You can also take vids up to a minute long.

When it comes to giving users what they want, Snapchat has gotchya back, and the latest update is no exception.

With the release of two new features called ‘Multi-Snap’ and ‘Tint Brush’, gone are the days of sending those long clips with that awks two-second gap between multiple snaps (like when you’re filming a song at a concert).

With the multi-snap feature, once the standard ten seconds has passed, if you continue to hold down the record button it’ll keep recording for up to 60 seconds. You’ll then have a bunch of thumbnails which you can edit or delete to your lil heart’s desire, and voila! No more crappy cut off between snaps.

As for the tint brush feature, you'll be living your best unicorn life 'cos you can now change the colour of legit anything in your snap.

Wanna change your hair bright green? Done. How about paint your dog red à la Clifford? Too easy. Just tap the scissors icon and you’ll see the tint brush, where you then pick a colour, trace the object, and boom! Your canine companion is now the colour of a tomato. Cool huh?