Awkward social media phases we ALL went through

Sad, but true.

By Natasha Harding

Unfortunately for our generation EVERY SINGLE awkward growing-pains moment (including that dorky emo side-fringe and brace-face period) was probs caught on camera and uploaded to the internet. As the recent re-surfacing of Tay Tay’s ancient Myspace profile shows, our social media past-lives are simultaneously scary, offering a bountiful supply of potential blackmail material, and downright cringe-worthy. But, lucky for you, we all appear to have gone through pretty much the same teenage phases, and couldn’t bring ourselves to delete our old accounts.

1. When MSN Messenger was da bomb

Remember when it was all about putting rose and heart emoticons around your name and moody Fall Out Boy song lyrics in your message*? Music notes and squigglies ~~ were not optional and you were nothing if your Hotty address didn’t include the words ‘roxy’, ‘billabong’, ‘angel’, ‘4eva’, ‘sexi’ or ‘gal’. If you didn't feel like talking to someone, you'd quickly change your status to 'away'. OR, to get the attention of your crush, you'd sign in and out repeatedly (and not to subtley), until they started speaking to you. Enter our first batch of tweenage slang: brb, gtg, lol, rofl, mwah.

2. And Bebo was for the slightly alternative kids.

You know, the ones who opted for the LG flip-phone over the Motorola razor and NSYNC over Backstreet Boys? It still remains a mystery what they actually did on there (other than make personal quizzes and select weird answers to get their crush's attention) but they did it religiously. We're talking every lunch time.

3. You were spiritually connected to your Myspace page

Being in someone's 'Top Friends' was the ~UlTiMaTe CoMpLeMeNt~, and getting pushed out of the 'chosen ones' was an act of social warfare. Your layout template game had to be strong and your song choice was a reflection of the true you. If you were feeling super cheeky, you’d hide the music panel so people couldn’t stop the track – you friends had to hear how G.L.A.M.O.R.O.US Fergie was, or they weren’t your friends. It was here that we started to use: Coolies, dw, wassup, lmao, gansta, ttyl, ily on the reg.

4. And spent entire evening getting lost on Youtube

Your YouTube obsession started with the viral ‘Leave Britney Alone’ video, that made us laugh FOR DAYS, before downloading all of Bieb’s tunes and playing ‘Beached as bru’ on repeat later in high school. You 100% considered making your own account but it all got too hard so you decided to use it exclusively for watching Lady Gaga’s music videos instead.

5. Then you signed up for Facebook and felt like a grown up

With almost no customisation features (apart from your dp), we shed a small tear for our lost childhood creativity, before breathing a huge sigh of relief ‘cause we didn’t have to bother with that shiz anymore. BUT THEN THEY ADDED COVER PHOTOS AND YOU HAD TO COME UP WITH TWO GOOD PHOTOS OF YOURSELF THAT COULD WORK WITH EITHER A SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR CROP - the struggle was REAL, people. Cue: Chillax, tbh, yolo, wtf, my bad (thanks to Mean Girls).

6. And when you decided to start your own Tumblr

Your dreams of setting up your own blog were optimistic to say the least. You dreamt it would be the go-to of all your friends and they'd hang off your every word (XOXO Gossip Girl style). In reality, your Tumblr consisted entirely of your younger self’s ramblings, re-posts and travel itineraries. In hindsight, thank GOD nobody ever viewed it.

7. When Tweeting became your LIFE (for a solid week)

And you followed all your fave celebs and politicians in one big ‘added spree’ before you realised there wasn’t too much to Tweet about (unless you were said celebs or politicans) and you gradually started to ‘unfollow’ everyone and stopped signing in…