Sophie Monk is in talks to host 'Love Island', in a match made in reality TV heaven

Even MORE reason to watch the show.

By Jessica Chandra

Update 29/11/2017: Sophie Monk chatted to Cosmo on the ARIAs red carpet yesterday to confirm, "Maybe, yes, i'm in talks right now" to TV execs about hosting Love Island Australia. We reckon the fact she didn't flat out deny means she's pretty far along in the process to becoming the official host for the show!

Original 1/11/2017: If Channel Ten ever had any concerns when Sophie Monk approached them about being the Bachelorette for 2017, they would disappeared immediately after seeing the ratings Sophie brought to the reality show.

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Sophie’s star power — along with the fact that she’s hilarious, super likeable and an all-round legend — helped draw in an audience of 2.2 million Australians for the finale of The Bachelorette Australia, which means a hell of a lot of people watched Sophie break Jarrod Woodgate’s heart, and then tell Stu Laundy that she loved him.

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Considering this is more than double the amount of people who watched Georgia Love’s finale — 875,000 viewers — Channel Ten and Warner Bros. would have been thrilled. No wonder there’s already been talk that they’re hoping to cast another celebrity as the next Bachelor — shame it won’t be Shane Warne (at least not for the moment).

But really, the success of this season of The Bachelorette comes back to Sophie, and she’s hotter than ever. In fact, her name has already been thrown around for some pretty major TV gigs, including as Lisa Wilkinson’s replacement on The Today Show. But there’s another job she’s been linked to, and we think it would be bloody perfect: the host of Love Island Australia.

A few weeks ago, Channel Nine announced at their upfronts event that Love Island — the popular UK show that chucks a bunch of sexy single people into one house for hooking up purposes — was getting an Australian version in 2018, and reports say Channel Nine execs want Sophie for the hosting gig.

There’s just one catch: Sophie is still contracted to Channel Ten and Warner Bros.

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“Sophie is definitely keen to explore Love Island as an option,” a source told The Daily Telegraph. “There are a few hiccups with her contract though so she hasn’t actually signed yet. It fits though with her personality and she’s looking for ways of maintaining her profile off the back of Bach.”

It would basically make Sophie the Osher Günsberg of Love Island, and there’s a good chance Love Island could be up against Australia’s first Bachelor in Paradise in the ratings, if the two air on TV at the same time.

In the UK, Love Island is hosted by Caroline Flack, who is probably best known to Aussies as being Harry Styles’ one-time older girlfriend.

And if you still want to apply to be on Love Island Australia, here’s everything you need to know.