Spotify's end of 2017 stats reveal how Australia's taste in music compares to the rest of the world

One musician reigned supreme.

By Jessica Chandra

Another day, another company has released their end-of-year stats as we approach the end of 2017. After Netflix revealed how your binge-watching habits compare to everyone else’s, Spotify has shared the most popular artists Aussies streamed this year — and, TBQH, we’re not too shocked by the results.

Sitting at the top of a few of the list’s categories is Ed Sheeran, the ginger god whose music people could not get enough of. He was the Most Streamed Artist in Australia and globally, which obviously means he was automatically the Most Streamed Male Artist, too.

Ed’s song “Shape of You” was the Most Streamed Track in Australia and around the world — we still can’t get those opening glockenspiel notes out of our heads — and his album, ÷ [Divide], was the Most Streamed Album, too. Let it be known that Ed knows how to make catchy and addictive music.

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FYI: In Australia, Ed was followed by Drake (#2), Kendrick Lamar (#3), The Chainsmokers (#4) and The Weeknd (#5). Globally, The Chainsmokers and The Weeknd switched places.

The lists start to look a little different when it comes to female artists. In Australia, we couldn’t get enough of Taylor Swift, who topped the Most Streamed Female Artist. But around the world, Rihanna is queen of that category.

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And for a little bit of local love, the top five Most Streamed Australian Artists were Flume (#1), Sia (#2), Sticky Fingers (#3), Bliss n Eso (#4) and Hiltop Hoods (#5).

Some stats were surprising, and others we kind of expected. But here’s a solid prediction for the rest of the month: the only thing we’re going to be listening to is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” on repeat for now until December 31.

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