12 things you should stop feeling guilty about in your 20s

You only get your 20s once.


Living your best 20s life can be hard. Balancing your work, friends, love life and rent is way more stressful than any of our fave TV shows make it out to be. (Dw, Younger, we still love you).

But seeing as we've got our whooooooole lives to worry, we're calling out our 20s' guilt and deciding to no longer GAF. Here are the 12 troubles to give up, stat:

1. Taking six days to reply to txts

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Between work and catching up on Bachie reruns, not keeping on top of your texts is 100% OK. Write back on the weekend and don't waste any more time feeling bad. People get it!

2. Eating habits

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YAS, you know those three Macca's hashbrowns weren't included in your pre-summer bikini bod diet, but how else were you meant to get through Sunday's gruelling hangover? Everyone knows weekend calories don't count. If you're dreading the post chocolate bar guilt, go for one of the new Aussie Bodies Lo-Carb Whip'd protein bars, instead. Individually-wrapped = genius.

3. Still living at home

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Sure, living with the 'rents ain't ideal (there's that whole one-night stand sitch), but the housing market is tough and, really, what harm could a few more years of mooching do? Embrace the rent-free lyf and eat all your mum's lasagne, now – future you will thank you.

4. Having a big one on a school night

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Oops. Last night was Wednesday and you accidentally got completely schwasty! Instead of being sad and wishing you'd stayed in, adult the eff-up and own your sleepy, hung-at-work state. You'll know to save it for a Friyay next time.

5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Ten years on and you're still not missing an ep but LBR, it's not your fault there is so much going on in this family. Or that it's so damn entertaining.

6. Spending all your $$$$ on travel

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FYI: travel is the only thing that makes you richer. You won't ever regret making incredible memories and exploring new places – that's what your 20s are all about! At least that's what all the Insta quotes say...

7. Staying in on a Saturday

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Somewhere in your 20s FOMO seems to lose you a bit and suddenly Netflix and UberEATS is your fave Saturday night go-to. But learning how to chill alone is all part of being an ~Independent Woman~, so live your life, girl!

8. Not yet finding the one

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PSA: What's meant to be, will be. Yep, corny and clichéd but 100% legit. The only 'one' you should be focusing on in your 20s is YOU. Have fun, swipe away, watch How To Be Single (for the 17th time) and just do you.

9. Not yet having your dream job

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Comparing yourself to anyone else is a BAD IDEA. Work hard and keep setting those goals. If the grind is there, the rewards will eventually be there, too.

10. Skipping a workout

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Lazy days affect everyone, not just you. Get back into bed and enjoy your 30-minute extra snooze-a-roo. The gym will be there tomorrow.

11. Losing contact with old friends

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As hard as you try, you can't keep up with everyone (other than the Kardashians, obvs). Losing contacts can be sad but it also makes room for new besties. Remember, your real friends will always be there <3.

12. Watching Gossip Girl and other teen dramaz

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FACT: Gossip Girl is iconic. Don't fight it.

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