8 things Donna spills about Suits season 5

It’s back (YAY!), so we caught up with Sarah Rafferty.

8 things Donna spills about Suits season 5

1. Donna will find herself challenged

“Donna will definitely have her hands full with the transition from Harvey to Louis and it’s not easy for any of the parties involved. Louis isn’t always making the best decisions, so she might find herself challenged.”

2. Harvey will find things tough

“It’s a rough adjustment for Harvey, he definitely didn’t necessarily see the change coming and he has a really hard time connecting with his emotional life and talking about his feelings, so it won’t be easy for him.”

3. Romance probs isn’t on the cards

“What’s been interesting about Donna and Harvey, is it’s hard to say whether they're right for each other. They professed their love for each other, but I don’t know whether that’s going to open a door or whether it’s going to close it firmly shut.”

4. We get to hang more in Donna’s apartment

“We definitely get to visit her apartment a few times as she gets a lot of midnight knocks on her door because of situations at work that require her attention. She’s caught a bit between a rock and a hard place, so that’s definitely a challenge for her. She does get a musical theatre opportunity on behalf of a friend though, and one side of Donna does come back.”

5. Donna’s desk has changed. Prepare for confusion.

“Donna’s desk is in a new location, and it’s weird. It’s a very strange thing when I go in to shoot a scene and I’m like ‘Oh wait, I have to go to the other studio, where the other office area is’, so it’s an adjustment for both Donna and Sarah.”

6. BTS she’s a Harvey *and* a Mike gal

“I would like to cherry pick pieces of both of their personalities. Harvey is a pro, and his winningness is very alluring, I don’t mean winning in terms of just charm, but also the fact that he wins. But Mike has his heart in the right place, and that combination of incredible intelligence and then softness is really lovely, so let’s marry the two.”

We'll drink to that. Cheers, boys! Chink

7. Rick is least like is character IRL

“His character is so totally clueless about work, such an unbelievably average work fan, that’s very funny about him, and he’s not a dick! He’s very different!”

8. Gabriel is a laidback sweetheart IRL

“I’ve probably known Gabriel the longest and he's really transformed as Harvey. Gabriel is a very laid back, sweet, funny person and totally in touch with his emotional life, and then he's transformed playing this bad ass. To the point that on the first day we were on set in New York City filming the pilot and I was walking passed Gabriel and he was all done up in his three piece suit and his hair was all perfect, and he was just like the rest of the New York professionals, you know hard core men, and I walked straight past him and because I didn’t recognise him.”

BRB, fangirling.

Photography Marc Cartwright