Everything you need to know about Matty J's season of 'The Bachelor Australia'

Your cheat sheet to the 2017 season.

By Jessica Chandra

Are you ready for this? Matty J has bounced back from heartbreak to be the one handing out roses on this year’s season of The Bachelor Australia, and we are PUMPED.

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Here’s all the information you could possibly want and need about it.

Who is the 2017 Bachelor?

The Australian Bachelor for 2017 is the one and only Matty J. We all fell in love with Matty when he appeared on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette Australia in 2016, but sadly, she did not fall in love with him, instead choosing Lee Elliott as the recipient of her final rose.

This is good news for us, though — we get more Matty on our screens this year!

For a bit more background on Matty:

  • He just turned 30 (his birthday is July 6, FYI)
  • He works as a marketing manager in Sydney, but he is originally from Brisbane
  • His full name is Matthew David Johnson (anyone following him on Instagram would know)
  • He has three brothers and a sister, and an adorable little nephew called George

  • He has described his ideal woman as “someone who loves what they do, would come to the pub and have a drink with me and my friends, who also wouldn’t have any issues going surfing or hiking on the weekends. Somebody who would like to stay in and watch a movie one night, but then the next night wants to go out and party. A real balance.”

When does 'The Bachelor Australia' start this year?

Mark your diary: The Bachelor Australia returns on Wednesday night, 7:30 p.m. on Channel Ten. The show airs on Wednesday and Thursday nights until the finale.

When will 'The Bachelor Australia' finale be held?

The finale of The Bachelor Australia 2017 will air on Thursday, September 14.

Who is the host of 'The Bachelor Australia'?

Osher Günsberg is the Chris Harrison of Australia. Osher has hosted all five seasons of The Bachelor Australia, and all two seasons of The Bachelorette Australia. Prior to this, he hosted Australian Idol, back when he was still known as Andrew G.

Who are the contestants on 'The Bachelor Australia' in 2017?

Matty will get to choose his future girlfriend — and potentially his wife for life — from a selection of 22 babes. Channel Ten hasn’t released the full list of contestants, but so far we know about Leah, Tara, Cobie and Elora.

Tara and Elora
Tara and Elora

Paparazzi photos from Matty’s season revealed former Hockeyroo Elise Stacy is one of the lucky ladies on the show, while internet sleuths have worked out other contestants called Simone, Laura-Ann and Monica.

Where was the finale shot this year?

The Bachelor Australia has always travelled to exotic locations to film the last two episodes. The finale for this year’s season was reportedly shot in May on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

What are the social media accounts for 'The Bachelor Australia'?

Does Matty find love at the end?

Spoiler alert: Yes, he does! In an interview with TV Week, Matty revealed he got his happy ending, less than a year after having his heart broken on national television.

“Yes, I’m very happy,” he said. “When I came back from filming, my friends wanted to know who I ended up with and what she was like.”

He also spilled to NW, “Everything happens for a reason, and I feel fortunate that the events that have happened in the past have led me to this moment where I’m really happy.”