The Bachelor’s Megan Marx opens up about strict upbringing and denies her former marriage was arranged

Megan was raised in an environment where alcohol, TV, bikinis and nightclubs were prohibited.

By Lorna Gray

The gorgeous Bachelor contestant (and potential front-runner) Megan Marx spoke to The Daily Telegraph regarding her strict upbringing in a religious order.

She said although she had a restrictive upbringing, it certainly wasn’t a cult. She also addressed the speculation surrounding her marriage. Megan got married at 18 - it ended five years ago - and some accused her of having an arranged marriage:

“It wasn’t like I was in a commune, and what was reported about me having an arranged marriage wasn’t true. There are misconceptions because I got married so young, I got married when I was 18 years old to a guy I’d been dating since I was 14,” she said about the church, which she declined to name.

I didn't watch TV or movies, and when I turned 18, it wasn't like 'Yeah, let's go to a nightclub,' I got married instead.”

The MailOnline obtained this picture of Megan as an 18-year-old bride.

She also told OK! Magazine: "I didn't drink alcohol, wear a bikini or go out to dance until I was 23."

The WA beauty is set to have her first solo date with Richie soon and we're sure looking forward to seeing if sparks are a'flying...

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