Here's what ‘The Hills’ cast looked like back in the day vs now

So you can hype yourself up before the reunion season!

By Katie Stow

Since The Hills wrapped a whopping EIGHT years ago, we've had a massive glamourous-dramatic-bleach-blonde-hole in our lives. But if you're still clinging to the good old days when Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad would flirt non-stop and when you genuinely wanted to assassinate Spencer Pratt for breaking up Heidi and LC — then we have great news for you.

The Hills is coming back for a reunion reboot! Promising at least one season of top quality catch ups with the cast, the news was revealed during the 2018 MTV VMAs through this teaser trailer:

The cast also had a mini-reunion on the red carpet, revealing who's definitely involved in the upcoming reboot. Which had us thinking, how much have the cast changed since their OG Hills days?

To take a walk down memory lane, here are the before and after pics of The Hills cast, and a little on what they've been up to since the cameras stopped rolling.